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J-1 Students planning to transfer from Johns Hopkins to another school in the U.S. must have their SEVIS record transferred to the new school in a timely manner in order to maintain your valid immigration status. Please submit this request at least 30 days before your program end date. Your program end date is your last day of enrollment at JHU or the end date on your form DS-2019, whichever is earlier.

There are specific steps that must be followed, as well as general criteria that must be met when determining a J-1 Student’s eligibility for transfer as follows:

  • The J-1 Student must maintain J-1 status including enrollment and health insurance throughout the transfer process.
  • Transfer must occur within the maximum duration of participation allowed by the specific J-1 category and may only occur within the same J-1 category (i.e. J-1 Student to J-1 Student). *To determine your J-1 category, please refer to box 4 on your DS-2019*
    • J-1 Degree-seeking students [Student Bachelors, Student Masters, Student Doctorate] – maximum duration of stay is the time it takes to complete degree requirements.
    • J-1 Non-Degree students – maximum duration of stay is 24 months including authorized periods of Academic Training. Non-degree students cannot transfer their J-1 record to a degree-seeking category.
  • Transfers must occur while the J-1 program is in “Active” status. Transfers are not possible during the J-1 30-day grace period or after the J-1 program has already ended.
  • A J-1 Student who has initiated a waiver application of the 212(e) requirement through the U.S. Department of State should contact a J-1 advisor in OIS to determine the application’s impact on transfer eligibility.
  • A J-1 Student who is deemed ineligible for transfer for any reason may not be transferred. Transfers involving matriculation to a new degree level are complicated and may not be possible.

Date of Transfer

  • Students may apply to many schools, but the SEVIS record can only be transferred to one school. Once the record is transferred out from Johns Hopkins to the new school, OIS cannot take any further action on the record. Therefore, before requesting a transfer of your SEVIS record, you should decide which school you will attend.
  • The new institution will not have access to the J-1 student’s record and cannot issue a new DS-2019 form until the date of transfer. After the date of transfer, JHU will no longer have access to the J-1 student’s record and cannot provide further immigration guidance. 

Transfer while on Academic Training

If you are currently on Academic Training and you need to transfer your SEVIS record to a new school, please contact OIS to discuss the appropriate timing of your transfer. Academic Training authorization will end as of the date of transfer.

Steps to Transfer your SEVIS Record

  1. Obtain admission to the new school.
  2. Determine the date of transfer.
    • J-1 Degree Students: Your SEVIS record must be transferred no later than the last day of your last registered term at JHU. OIS will transfer your record in SEVIS to the new school on the last day of the current term provided you are enrolled in the current term.
    • J-1 Non-Degree Students: Your SEVIS record must be transferred on your last day of program participation at JHU and no later than the program end date on your DS-2019.
  3. Submit the “J-1 SEVIS Transfer-Out Request in iHopkins. To submit your request:
    • Go to
    • Click “Login” under “Active JHED Login”.
    • Login with your JHED ID and password.
    • Once logged in, click on “J-1 Student Services” in the menu on the left, then click on “J-1 SEVIS Transfer Out Request”
    • You will be required to upload proof of admission to the new school as a PDF file
    • Non-Degree J-1 students must also submit the JHU J-1 Student Transfer out Clearance Form

      *Please email for any iHopkins login or eform issues.
  4. On the date of transfer, the new school will have access to your record and will be able to issue you a new DS-2019. The DS-2019 from Johns Hopkins will no longer be valid. However, you should keep all previous copies of your JHU DS-2019 for your records.
  5. Complete the transfer-in process at the new school. Contact the new school’s International Student Office regarding the transfer-in process at that school.