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It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the immigration requirements related to their status. Following the guidelines below will help you to maintain your lawful J-1 Status while in the U.S.  Below is a summary of basic guidelines, for more detailed information or for specific questions related to your status please contact an OIS advisor.

Basic Guidelines

Keep your passport valid for at least 6 months.

Contact your country's embassy in the U.S. for information about renewing or extending your passport while in the U.S.

Keep your local address updated

You must update your residential address within 10 days of every move.

Maintain full-time enrollment

You must be a full-time registered student each term you are at Johns Hopkins.

Keep your DS-2019 document valid

Keep your DS-2019 valid at all times. Request an extension of the DS-2019 document from your program sponsor at least 30 days before the end date on the DS-2019 document when you will need additional time to complete your program. You must receive approval from your program sponsor before changing your major or degree level.

Get employment permission

You must receive permission for both on-campus & off-campus employment from your sponsor prior to accepting any employment.

Maintain health insurance coverage

You and your dependents must obtain health insurance that meets J-1 federal guidelines for the entire length of your stay.

Get approval from the OIS before withdrawal from your program.

If for some reason you are not able to complete your academic program, you must notify your program sponsor of your plans to leave the University.

Get a travel endorsement for travel out of the U.S. and re-entry.

Before your departure from the U.S., request a signature for re-entry from the program sponsor (OIS when Johns Hopkins is sponsor). The signature is valid for one year.

Request program or school transfer from your sponsor.

If you wish to move from one university to another, you will need permission from your current Program Sponsor. If you wish to change universities, contact that organization as early as possible to receive authorization and further instructions.

Discuss a change of major or degree objective with your sponsor.

Any such changes should be discussed fully with your Program Sponsor before making the change. A change of major or degree objective may violate your J-1 visa status if not approved.