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J-1 Regulations require that a J-1 Exchange Visitor (EV) demonstrate sufficient funding for the duration of their J-1 program (plus additional funding for any J-2 dependents). The OIS must collect proof of financial support prior to issuing or extending a DS-2019 form.

Beyond the J-1 regulatory minimum funding requirements, each JHU appointment category follows specific funding guidelines unique to each appointment. Depending on the type of appointment, like those defined in the University’s Visitors Policy, additional conditions may be placed on the level of funding, and accepted funding sources. The JHU department is responsible for complying with any university funding requirements beyond what J-1 regulations require.  

General funding guidance is provided below:

Funding Information for Postdoctoral Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Fellows must be funded at the NIH recommended funding levels [Limited exceptions apply in the KSAS where fellows have teaching responsibilities]
  • Postdoctoral funding is permitted from a variety of sources (including JHU funding, funding from other Institutions, funding from outside organizations, and/or government funding)
  • University policy requires the Faculty Sponsor to pay for the individual health insurance premium for the postdoctoral fellow regardless of the source of their funding. (*J-2 Dependents that are not covered by JHU insurance must secure their own coverage) 

Funding Information for Non-Postdoctoral Appointments

  • $2,000/month is the minimum monthly amount that a J-1 EV must demonstrate for individual living expenses, not inclusive of health insurance (*certain JHU appointments may require a higher level of funding, which will supersede the J-1 minimum amount)
  • J-2 dependent family members (i.e. spouse/child) require the J-1 EV to demonstrate an additional $600 per month per dependent
  • The J-1 EV may or may not be eligible for a Johns Hopkins University sponsored health plan
  • The J-1 EV must be aware of the significant cost of health insurance in the U.S. and must have sufficient funding to cover insurance costs for themselves and any J-2 dependents (if applicable) for the entire duration of their J-1 program. This is a regulatory requirement by the U.S. Department of State. More information can be found here

Funding Documentation Guidelines:

JHU Funded Appointments
  • The JHU department must upload relevant appointment documentation through iHopkins
  • The J-1 EV is not required to provide any additional documentation to demonstrate JHU funding
  • Additional proof of funding may be required for J-2 dependents if JHU funding does not meet the minimum amounts. (Personal funds allowed for dependent expenses)
Non-JHU Funded Appointments
  • The J-1 EV must provide proof of funding from any source other than JHU
  • The JHU appointment title/category will determine what types of other funding are acceptable (may include funding from other Institutions, funding from outside organizations, government funding [and in limited cases] personal funding)
  • All funding should be dated within the last three months at the time it is submitted to OIS
  • Documentation of funding from all other sources should be provided on institutional letterhead with the amount of funding and dates during which the funding will be available
  • *For EV’s who are permitted to use personal funds for any part of their program [this applies to those who meet the University’s definition of a Visiting Student] or for dependent expenses, a personal bank statement can be provided to show proof of the availability of funds. The bank statement must include the J-1 EV’s name. If bank statement comes from another individual, an affidavit of support must also be attached  
  • English translation must be attached to any funding documents that are not in English. (Translations using online services such as Google Translate will not be accepted)
  • All foreign currency documentation must be converted to US dollars.  If an unofficial translation is provided, attach the Certification by Translator Form.  Include documentation of the currency conversion ( is a useful site for this)

If you have questions about funding requirements, please contact the OIS at [email protected].