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Departments that host J-1 Scholars are responsible for understanding their role and responsibilities, and working with OIS to uphold the regulatory requirements of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. It is important to understand both the nature and purpose of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program as well as the laws, regulations and university-specific policies as they apply to J-1 Exchange Visitors (EV’s) during their time at JHU.

Below is a summary of basic guidelines and expectations for departments that host J-1 Scholars:

Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Complete J-1 Scholar Training prior to submitting requests for J-1 sponsorship 
  2. Review the following requirements for Maintaining J-1 Status 
  3. Review the J-1 Exchange Visitor Health Insurance requirements 
  4. Understand there are many university policies that may impact how a J-1 may be appointed at JHU, and the activities in which they may engage (for example, the University Visitor Policy
  5. Take the necessary action/contact OIS in the event of:
    • J-1 arrival delays or program date changes
    • Changes to working conditions (for example: change of hosting supervisor, location of work/site of activity, funding source or amount, appointment title, additional or new responsibilities)
    • Termination of appointment and/or early departure from JHU
    • Extended leave time or LOA (requires completion of J-1 LOA approval form), which may be permitted in very limited circumstances due to factors concerning the health, safety, welfare or circumstances beyond the control of the J-1
    • Questions about extracurricular activities (such as employment opportunities, teaching, or enrolling in courses or degree programs) 
  6. Contact OIS in the event of:
    • Serious issues involving or affecting a J-1 Exchange Visitor. The Department of State (DOS) requires J-1 program sponsors to ensure the health, safety and well-being of J-1 Exchange Visitors. OIS is required to notify DOS within one business day of any issues impacting the health, safety and well-being of J-1 Exchange Visitors, any investigations of an exchange visitor’s site of activity, or any serious problem or controversy that could be expected to bring the Department of State, the Exchange Visitor Program, or the sponsor’s exchange visitor program into notoriety or disrepute.

Email [email protected] to report any issues.