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As a sponsor of H-1B temporary workers, Johns Hopkins may be contacted at any time by an Officer in the USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate [FDNS].  The purpose of these contacts is to verify the employer’s existence and the accuracy of information in the employer’s H-1B temporary worker petitions. These visits may occur in person, or virtually by phone or e-mail. Officers may request to speak to staff in the OIS, with departmental representatives, and/or with sponsored H-1B temporary workers.

The OIS periodically reminds both our Departmental Contacts and our H-1B temporary workers about these visits and provides a recommended protocol for complying with such a visit. Protocol for Departmental Contacts and H-1B Temporary Workers can be found in JHBox.  If you have been contacted by a FDNS Officer and have questions, please immediately contact the OIS at 667-208-7012 and specify that it is regarding an H-1B site visit or e-mail