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World Events and Wellness Resources

World events, particularly in tragic times of war, unrest, and natural disasters, weigh heavily on our minds.  This is poignantly true for those separated from loved ones back home who may be in harm’s way.  JHU has a number of resources available to support individuals who are deeply feeling the impact of such events.  OIS and campus partners are available to assist you.  Never hesitate to reach out to OIS if you do not know which way to turn when you are struggling or are in need of support, and we will work to connect you to the appropriate resource. 

OIS has regularly reached out to international students from impacted areas and invited them to support spaces, providing follow-up resources via direct email.  Individuals may also reach out directly to with questions and requests, or review and use the following select resources: 

  • Student Health and Well-Being resources blog (also noted in an Instagram post): 
  • Employee Assistance Program support and resources: 
  • Public Safety Escort Program: 
  • Coping with News resource: Student Health and Well-Being staff assembled some tips on “How to Handle a Stressful News Cycle.” 
  • Requests for leave of absence or time off, including temporary alternate work/study arrangements:  International individuals struggling with world events who are having difficulty making a request of a professor or supervisor, or in receiving a requested accommodation, may contact their school’s student or academic affairs office, as well as OIS. While faculty and supervisors ultimately decide to allow leave or offer accommodations, immigration regulations often govern when and how long leave or accommodations are permissible. OIS advisors will advise on immigration restrictions, as well as advocate on your behalf with faculty, supervisors, and divisional leadership, as appropriate. 
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, contact the Behavioral Health Crisis Support Team at 410-516-WELL (9355) to speak with a crisis support clinician. 
  • Report all instances of discrimination and harassment with the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) here.  Discrimination and harassment FAQs are available here
  • Dial “911” for any emergency that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or ambulance, including when you are in a dangerous situation and need help. 
  • The Johns Hopkins Briefing 
    In this series, experts provide timely analysis and insights about topics of national and global importance and engage in real-time Q&A with the audience. The Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives hosts the series.