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Choosing a Bank

Disclaimer: This site is for informational purposes only. OIS does not endorse or recommend financial institutions.

When choosing a bank in the US, there are several things to consider:

  • Bank Locations and ATM services (those listed below are accessible to most Hopkins campus locations)
  • Ease of opening an account upon arrival in the U.S.
  • International Services (for wiring money)
  • Banking fees (check cashing, ATM fees, other services)
  • Customer service and familiarity with international clients

Bank of America has branches throughout Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as well as internationally.  For employees of Hopkins, Bank of America offers a no-fee checking account if you use direct deposit (meaning your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account—see below for more information on direct deposit). They will also cash paper payroll checks with proper identification.

Main website: (search for the branch nearest you)
Baltimore branch address and telephone: 1800 E Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205; (410) 675-6262
Washington, D.C. branch address and telephone: 1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004; (202) 624-5090
Requirements for opening a bank account:

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union (JHFCU) offers financial services for eligible Hopkins employees and students. As a member, you may open a free Checking account and Debit card, have ATM access on campus, set up direct deposit and/or deposit your Hopkins payroll check, and apply for auto or home loans (SSN required for loans). International applicants can apply for membership with a temporary U.S. address and begin using their account; proof of U.S. address is required within 90 days of account opening for those working/going to school here. Learn more at or visit one of the branch locations nelow.

Homewood Branch (next to bookstore): 4 East 33rd Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
Medical Institutions Campus Branch: 2027 East Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone Numbers: 410-534-4500 or 1-800-543-2870
Washington, D.C. CO-OP shared branch (accessible after JHFCU membership is established): Democracy FCU, 550 C St SW, Washington, DC 20024; 1-800-742-5582

Citibank, Chase, and Wells Fargo are other multinational banks with a presence all over the world, including many branches and ATMs near JHU campuses.

Setting up Direct Deposit to Receive Payments from JHU

The following information is provided by JHU Payroll.  After you have opened a bank account, you may then set up direct deposit through JHU Payroll to receive your paycheck or other payments from JHU directly into your bank account.  Visit for additional guidance.

What is Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit is a safe and effective way for Johns Hopkins to electronically transfer your paychecks into your bank account.  If you have direct deposit, this means that your paycheck will be deposited directly into your checking and/or savings account. You won’t receive a paper check in the mail.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Deposit?

  • Quicker Access – You can access your money more quickly when you use direct deposit. With direct deposit, your JHU paycheck will be electronically deposited on your pay date.  If you don’t have direct deposit, you have to wait for your check to arrive in the mail, and this can sometimes be delayed.
  • More Convenient – With direct deposit, there’s no need to take a trip to the bank to deposit your check or spend time uploading your check using a bank app. And if you have a bank account and direct deposit, you won’t have to pay check cashing fees.
  • More Secure – With direct deposit, you don’t have to worry about your check being lost in the mail or possibly stolen.
  • More Environmentally Friendly – If you use direct deposit rather than getting a paper check in the mail, you’ll be helping to preserve our forests, use less water, and conserve energy. It’s a very environmentally friendly approach to getting paid!