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It is very important for international students and scholars to understand their U.S. tax responsibilities. Any international present in the U.S. for any part of the calendar year must file a tax report with the IRS the following April. For detailed tax information, responsibilities and deadlines please see the IRS website. The OIS is not legally permitted to provide any tax guidance or assistance. For specific information it is best to consult the IRS website directly.

JHU Tax Office

The JHU Tax Office provides limited information regarding taxes. Topics include definitions of Resident/Non-Resident Aliens for tax purposes, Payroll Tax InformationSubstantial Presence Test, and Tax Treaties.

Visit the the JHU Tax Office website for more information on these topics and also to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The tax office meets with people individually but it might be more efficient to try email or phone first. Contact information is below.

JHU Tax Office
4th Floor – North Building
3910 Keswick Road
Baltimore, MD 21211
(443) 997-8688

Tax Preparation Assistance for Non-Residents

The JHU Tax Office provides tax preparation assistance through a software program called Glacier. Visit the Glacier Tax Preparation Assistance page for more information. You can also view the handout below for a quick reference. Additionally, the OIS has created a presentation to give you an introduction to U.S. income taxes.