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It is very important for international students and scholars to understand their U.S. tax responsibilities.  For detailed tax information, responsibilities, and deadlines, please see the IRS website, especially the section entitled “Taxation of Nonresident Aliens.” OIS staff are not trained in U.S. tax law or the rules of taxation relating to international individuals and the University does not advise on personal tax matters. 

JHU Tax Office

The JHU Tax Office provides some support and resources to international students and scholars regarding taxes, including the facilitation of tax treaties.  The JHU Tax Office does not provide personal tax advice to any individuals, international or domestic. 

Visit the JHU Tax Office Website for Nonresidents for more information.

If you have questions about your taxes, you can submit your questions to the JHU Tax Office HERE.

Tax Preparation Assistance for Non-Residents

Monday April 15, 2024 is the tax filing deadline for residents and nonresidents who earned U.S. income in the 2023 tax year.

Starting in 2024 (2023 tax returns), the University has partnered with Sprintax to provide an easy-to-use tax preparation software designed for nonresident students and scholars in the U.S.  The Sprintax software is made available by JHU to all of its nonresident students, scholars, faculty, staff and researchers.  Use of Sprintax for federal tax filings is free, and state tax filings are available for a small fee.  We strongly encourage you to visit the JHU Sprintax Website for more information about this service and also check out the Free Educational Tax Webinars offered by Sprintax.

Through 2023, the university made Glacier Tax Prep available. Glacier is still accessible for those who wish to view prior year tax filing information, but can no longer be used to file new tax forms. To access your account, Login here and send any questions to [email protected].

Lastly, free tax preparation services are provided by VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). Explore the VITA site to find sessions offered in your area.

Access the Tax Webinars under Webinar Recordings.

* JHED access is required to access the webinar recording.

Disclaimer: The material contained in webinar recording is preliminary and is intended to offer a general overview.  The topics covered do not constitute specific advice to any individual.  Where applicable, JHU does not endorse or recommend any legal professionals or other outside vendors providing this presentation