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The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program allows participants to transfer between two J-1 programs (i.e two different universities or research institutions). The process outlined below is for J-1 Scholars who are transferring their J-1 from another institution to Johns Hopkins University.  There are specific steps that must be followed, as well as general criteria that must be met when determining a J-1 Exchange Visitor’s (EV) eligibility for transfer as follows:

  • J-1 EV must maintain J-1 status as well as a consistent J-1 program objective throughout the transfer process.
  • Transfer must occur within the maximum duration of participation allowed by the specific J-1 category and transfer may only occur within the same J-1 category (i.e. J-1 Research Scholar to J-1 Research Scholar).
  • Transfer must occur while J-1 program is in “Active” status. Transfers are not possible during J-1 grace period or after the J-1 program has already ended. 
  • An EV who has initiated a waiver application of the 212(e) requirement through the U.S. Department of State should contact a J-1 advisor in the OIS to determine possible impact on transfer eligibility.
  • An EV who is deemed ineligible for transfer for any reason may not be transferred.

Transfer-In (from another J-1 Program Sponsor to JHU)

A J-1 EV who intends to transfer from another J-1 program sponsor to JHU should first review the general eligibility criteria above and contact OIS with any questions. OIS will evaluate a fully submitted request for Transfer-In to make a final determination on transfer-eligibility. To initiate the Transfer-In to JHU, the following steps must be completed in advance of the expected JHU start date.

Receive an offer from JHU (at least two months prior to JHU start date)

  • EV must work with JHU department to determine appropriate start date. 
  • JHU Department will provide EV with access to iHopkins to complete J-1 request forms.
  • After all J-1 request forms have been fully submitted, OIS will review the request in iHopkins.
  • If general transfer eligibility requirements are met, OIS will provide the EV with a Transfer-In form, which must be completed by the current J-1 program sponsor.

Receive Clearance from Current J-1 Program Sponsor (at least two weeks prior to JHU start date)

  • EV must notify current J-1 program sponsor of their intent to transfer as soon as possible and inquire about any transfer-clearance paperwork they may require.
  • The current J-1 program sponsor must complete the JHU Transfer-In form (*EV will be provided with this form after OIS receives all required iHopkins eforms from the EV and the JHU Department).
  • If current J-1 program sponsor agrees to the Transfer Out, they will schedule the release of the EV’s J-1 record to JHU on the agreed upon JHU start date. The date of transfer should be the same day as the appointment start date at JHU.

For a more detailed description of the Transfer-in process, refer to the J-1 Transfer-in Process Timeline.

*JHU will not have access to the EV’s J-1 record and cannot issue a new DS-2019 form until the date of transfer.  After the date of transfer, the EV’s current program sponsor will no longer have access to their J-1 record and JHU will become the J-1 program sponsor.