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H-1B sponsorship requires the coordinated efforts of the OIS, the hiring department and the H-1B Beneficiary.

The OIS, in cooperation with Administration, has a strict policy on H-1B sponsorship. It is not at the discretion of the Department to offer H-1B sponsorship to all individuals. The OIS will advise if another status [i.e. J-1 Research Scholar, F-1 Optional Practical Training, etc…] must be exhausted before a H-1B petition will be filed.

The H-1B Business Process Flowchart documents the H-1B process from initiation to adjudication.

Required forms:

Sponsoring Departments and H-1B Beneficiaries submit all forms via iHopkins, the central database used by the OIS to process H-1B applications.

The department will begin the H-1B process in iHopkins and will provide the H-1B Beneficiary with a link to the required applicant e-forms.  Depending on the type of application, there are two or three required forms that the H-1B Beneficiary will need to complete.  Upon completing the electronic forms, the H-1B Beneficiary should review the H-1B Applicant Checklist. When all required documents have been collated, the supporting documents should be submitted to: If any document requires a translation, please use the Certification by Translator Form provided by the OIS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have general questions about the H-1B sponsorship process. Who should I contact?

Answer: If you do not yet have a H-1B case assigned to an advisor, general question should be sent to:

How do I select the Consulate, Port of Entry or Pre-flight Inspection City and Country for the H-1B Applicant Information e-form?

Answer: If for any reason USICS could not adjudicate JHU’s petition and grant a change of status, extension of stay or amendment of status, USCIS could choose to approve the case for Consular, Pre-Flight or POE notification. As Canadian Citizens are exempt from visa stamp requirements, Canadian citizens should provide the City and Country where they will present themselves for Pre-Flight inspection or admission at a Port of Entry. All other applicants must provide the City and Country where they would apply for a visa stamp if the case requires consular notification. Applicants are not required to apply for a visa in their country of citizenship; they may elect to apply for a visa in any City or Country where they are eligible to apply for a visa stamp.