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H-1B sponsorship requires the coordinated efforts of OIS, the hiring department and the H-1B applicant.

It is not at the discretion of the Department to offer H-1B sponsorship to all individuals. OIS will advise if another status [i.e. J-1 Research Scholar, F-1 Optional Practical Training, etc…] must be exhausted before a H-1B petition will be filed. Departments and H-1B applicants should email [email protected] to confirm H-1B sponsorship eligibility before initiating an H-1B case with OIS.

Sponsoring Departments and H-1B applicants submit all eForms via iHopkins, the central database used by the OIS to process H-1B applications. The department will begin the H-1B process in iHopkins and will provide the H-1B applicant with a link to the required applicant e-Forms.  Each H-1B application requires multiple eForms and submission of supporting documents.  

Before initiating eForms, H-1B applicants should review the documents listed below. This list is intended to assist all H-1B applicants. Some documents listed below may not be applicable to you. Similarly, this list is not exhaustive. After your eForms have been submitted and your H-1B case has been assigned to an OIS advisor, the advisor may request additional documents in preparing and processing your H-1B case.

  • Files should be saved to your laptop or mobile device before accessing eForms
  • Files must be in pdf, jpeg or gif
  • File attachments should be no larger than 1MB
  • Related documents may be combined and uploaded in the relevant section, or they can be uploaded individually.
  • Any document that is NOT in English must be accompanied by a translation. Use the Certification by Translator Form if you do not already have a certified translation. 

Immigration Documents

  • Passport(s) Identify/Biographical information page(s) and passport validity page(s) for each country of citizenship
  • Printout of most recent I-94 from (if currently in the U.S.)
  • All previously issued U.S. Visa Stamps (if applicable)
  • All previously issued DS-2019 or IAP-66 forms (if applicable)
  • I-612 waiver receipt notice from USCIS (if applicable)
  • I-612 waiver approval notice from USCIS (if applicable)
  • Advisory Opinion from Waiver Review Division
  • All previously issued I-20 forms (if applicable)
  • All previously issued H-1B approval notices/Form I-797
  • Copy of EAD(s) (if applicable)

Professional/Academic Documents

  • C.V./Resume
  • Diplomas and transcripts for the highest, most relevant degree for the position offered. (Applicants are strongly encouraged to upload diploma(s) and transcript(s) for all earned degrees.)
  • Credential Evaluation see FAQs for more information
  • Licensure or additional certification (if required for the position)
  • Visa Screen through CGFNS (if applicable)

Residents/Clinical Fellows and Faculty with Clinical Responsibilities ONLY

  • Maryland medical license [required for all H-1B applicants except those in clinical training positions (Residents/Fellows)]
  • Medical School Diploma and Transcripts
  • Residency/Fellowship certificates of completion (if applicable)
  • Board Certification (if applicable)