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Information for International Students and Scholars Regarding the U.S. Government Shutdown

Below is consolidated information regarding how various U.S. government agencies and applications may or may not be affected by the shutdown of the government.

Immigration and Visa Services.  Most of these services are fee funded and thus are fully operational.  Visa application processing is continuing worldwide.  All USCIS service centers, which adjudicate applications, are operating as are all border inspection points.  Notable exceptions to immigration and visa processing follow.

H-1B Applications.  The Department of Labor Office of Foreign Labor Certification is not operating, and thus Labor Condition Applications (LCA) which are required for new and continuing H-1B application are not being processed.  If the LCA was approved before the government shutdown, USCIS will accept the application for adjudication.

Permanent Resident Applications.  Applications which require PERM processing are impacted by the shutdown as the Department of Labor is not accepting such applications.  Applications which do not require PERM processing are unaffected at this time.

NAFTA Treaty (TN) Applications.  Applications for NAFTA (TN) status are not being processed at Canadian ports of entry. 

SEVIS.   The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System is operating as normal.

Social Security Number Applications.  No applications for new SSNs or replacement cards are being accepted.

Various other USCIS Applications.  Currently, student applications for Optional Practical Training, J-2 work permission, and applications for a change of immigration status are being adjudicated.

The professional association NAFSA:  Association of International Educators, has basic information on the impact of the government shutdown and links to specific agency information at:

The Office of International Services is, when possible, notifying individuals and departments who may be impacted by agency shutdowns. 

Please remember that the status of government agencies is subject to change and that this information, while the best available when published, may not be accurate.  Contact the Office of International Services at [email protected] with questions about your specific situation.

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