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Changes in the I-94 Process for Nonimmigrant Students, Scholars and Employees

For many years, nonimmigrants entering the United States have been issued a small white card, the I-94, which indicated the person’s immigration classification and authorized length of stay in the U.S.  Beginning in late April, 2013 this entry process will become entirely electronic for nonimmigrant students, scholars and employees entering via airport or seaport.  These nonimmigrants will no longer be issued the I-94 card upon entry.  (Individuals entering via a Canadian or Mexican land crossing will be given the traditional I-94.)

Instead of the paper I-94 card, passports will have an entrance stamp that includes immigration details.  When additional documentation is needed, such as for employment verification or to apply for a driver’s license, an individual will be able to print of a hard copy of I-94 information, including the Admission (I-94) Number via the U.S. government website:

While there is no statutory provision for the nonimmigrant to print and present a hard copy of the I-94, it will be necessary to have a hard copy for purposes such as employment verification and application for U.S. Social Security Numbers and state driver’s licenses.  Instructions on the process will be given to nonimmigrants as they enter, and all JHU international student and scholar offices can assist with questions and problems.

International students, scholars and employees should keep their existing I-94 cards until required to surrender them upon departure from the U.S.  When returning to the U.S., they will then be processed for admission to the U.S. under the new electronic system.

A helpful fact sheet on I-94 automation is available at:

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