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The H-1B Request Process

H-1B cases must be initiated by the hiring department by a departmental representative who has completed H-1B e-form training. Individuals who are responsible for processing H-1B requests must view H-1B e-form training before they are permitted to submit H-1B requests. After viewing H-1B e-form training, the departmental representative must also pass the H-1B e-form competency quiz. Additional information and resources, like the H-1B Request Process Overview can be found on the OIS SharePoint site.

H-1B Training:

From February 2014 until April of 2020, the OIS provided in person H-1B e-form training. Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, we recorded H-1B e-form training using Zoom. The content in the Zoom training is the same as that offered during in person H-1B e-form training, however we broke the training down into segments. Before requesting the H-1B e-form competency quiz, departmental representatives must view all segments, and they must be viewed in the following order, as each segment builds upon the previous segment.

H-1B Process Training Part I (Session Duration: 32 minutes 35 seconds) (00:32:35)

  • Office of International Services (OIS) H-1B Team Introduction
  • H-1B Key Concepts and Obligations of H-1B Sponsorship
  • iHopkins: OIS Immigration Case Management System
  • Requesting iHopkins Access Instructions

H-1B Process Training Part II Segment 1.0 (Session Duration: 8 minutes 29 seconds) (00:08:29)

  • iHopkins Overview
  • Departmental Services Overview
  • Locating a record in iHopkins
  • Creating a record in iHopkins

H-1B Process Training Part II Segment 1.1 (Session Duration: 3 minutes 17 seconds) (00:03:17)

  • Giving the H-1B applicant iHopkins e-form access

H-1B Process Training Part II Segment 2 (Session Duration: 20 minutes 27 seconds) (00:20:27)

  • iHopkins H-1B e-form: “JH – Information about the Position”  
  • iHopkins H-1B e-form: “JH – H-1B Departmental Agreement Form”

H-1B Process Training Part II Segment 3 (Session Duration: 15 minutes 29 seconds) (00:15:29)

  • iHopkins H-1B e-form: “JH – H-1B Actual Wage Statement”
  • iHopkins H-1B e-form: “JH – ECO – Visa Request – Export Review Supplement for I-129, Part 7” (ECO e-form)
  • iHopkins H-1B e-form: “JH – Notice of Academic Visa Sponsorship for H-1B applicant (For School of Medicine Only)” [SOM e-form]
Requesting Access to iHopkins

After you have viewed all segments of H-1B e-form training, please complete the H-1B Competency Quiz. Scores above 90% are considered passing.