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Important information from ECFMG regarding DS-2019 travel validations

ECFMG signatures for Form DS-2019 travel validation located in the box on the lower right side of Form DS-2019 are valid for one year or until the expiration date of Form DS-2019 as indicated in Box 3, whichever comes first. As long as you possess a travel-validated DS-2019 that has not yet expired, a new travel-validated DS-2019 is not required for each trip abroad. Only one ECFMG signature is required in the travel validation box, even though there are two spaces for signatures.

Only Regional Advisors from ECFMG are authorized to sign Form DS-2019 for travel validation.  OIS staff are not permitted to sign Form DS-2019s issued by ECFMG.


How to Request a Travel-Validated Form DS-2019 from ECFMG 

If a J-1 physician or J-2 dependents have travel plans outside the United States and they are not in possession of a travel-validated DS-2019, they must submit a Request for Duplicate Form DS-2019. ECFMG will process the request within seven to ten business days and send the Form DS-2019 to the physician or Training Program Liaison by regular U.S. mail, unless otherwise instructed. If the physician wishes to receive the travel-validated Form DS-2019 by courier service, she/he must submit a completed and fully signed Request for Duplicate Form DS-2019 and a pre-addressed, pre-paid airbill printed from an on-line source and uploaded through OASIS as a separate document.