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J-1 Student Employment Options


On-Campus Employment

Academic Training (AT)


On-Campus Employment

J-1 students are allowed to work with permission from the OIS up to 20 hours per week on the campus while school is in session and full-time in the summer (if summer is a vacation term for your academic program) and during recognized vacation periods.  You must receive permission from an OIS advisor PRIOR to beginning any on-campus employment.  Acceptable employment includes: work required by a scholarship, assistantship or fellowship, work in the libraries, computer centers, administrative offices, and work performed on Hopkins’ premises for an outside contractor or firm as long as the employer provides direct services to students. 

To Apply for On-Campus Employment Permission

  1. Get a signed offer letter from the potential employer that includes the following information:
    name of employer 
    address of employment 
    hours per week (if you will work more than part-time during school breaks, make sure that is included in the letter)
    job title
    start date 
    end date (if known)
  2. Submit the letter by email to with the subject line "J-1 On-campus Employment".
  3. OIS will review the letter and authorize your on-campus employment in SEVIS.  
  4. OIS will provide a letter to you that confirms your on-campus employment authorization.

Graduate Students Paid by Stipend

Graduate students paid by stipend do not fit neatly into many of the J-1 employment rules. While not considered employees in the traditional sense, students receiving a stipend are required to pass an I-9 validation and are paid through the university’s payroll system. Since there is not a clear distinction between the time students provide services to the university versus the time devoted to a student’s personal academic advancement, OIS considers international students who have full graduate stipends to be providing an effort equal to 20 hours of on campus employment. Thus, no additional work is allowed under J-1 on campus employment rules.  

Students receiving a stipend who wish to undertake additional on-campus employment during fall or spring semester would only be eligible to do so if the position qualifies for Academic Training.  

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Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is a benefit of J-1 student status that allows for training, paid or unpaid, in a position related to the program of study.  The J-1 student’s program sponsor (the OIS if sponsored by Johns Hopkins) provides authorization.  It is available both during the student’s academic program and after completion, but must be authorized prior to completing the degree program.

J-1 students in the non-degree category who are conducting research at JHU, including visiting students and research trainees, should refer here to learn more about Academic Training eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Academic Training can be used before or after completion of studies.   
  • The work can be part-time (20 hours per week or less) while school is in session or full-time during recognized vacation periods, summer (if summer registration is not required for your program).
  • The work can be full-time or part-time if used after completion of the degree program.
  • Academic Training cannot be approved for remote positions.
  • The authorization requires a student to have a job offer in hand BEFORE the completion of study.  All rights to Academic Training are lost if a job offer is not secured and presented to the OIS by this deadline
  • AT can be used for paid or unpaid internships or jobs.  For example, if a student wants to work on a research project with a professor on-campus or at another school, s/he can use Academic Training to extend J-1 status for the research project.  However, if it is unpaid, the student must show proof of financial support in order to cover living expenses during the Academic Training time period.
  • AT allows for more than one job at a time, as long as they are all related to the student's field of study and separate Academic Training request forms are submitted for each job.
  • AT is available for a total of eighteen (18) months or for a period equal to the length of the study program, whichever is shorter.
  • AT can be extended for postdoctoral training up to a maximum total of thirty-six (36) months.  Students may apply for the extension up to six (6) months prior but before the expiration of their eighteen (18)-month academic training.  Postdoctoral students who would like to request an extension beyond eighteen (18) months should speak with OIS advisor to discuss the details.
  • AT must begin within thirty (30) days of the program completion date.  However, time authorized for Academic Training will begin counting the day after program completion.

To Apply for Academic Training

  1. Get an offer letter from your employer that includes on letterhead the following; description of the position including major job responsibilities, the dates of employment, the number of hours per week, amount of financial compensation, and the location of the employment.
  2. Complete the Academic Training Request Form
  3. Complete the Health Insurance Pledge.
  4. Obtain your most recent form I-94 arrival /departure form.  To obtain the I-94, visit the Customs and Border Protection Website
  5. Submit the Academic Training Request Form and offer letter to the OIS using the following steps:
  • Go to
  • Click "Login" under "Active JHED Login."
  • Login with your JHED ID and password.
  • Once logged in, click on "J-1 Student Services" in the menu on the left, then click on "Submit a Request."
  • You will be required to upload all documents as one PDF file.

Please allow 10 working days for this process.  


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