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Thu. May 17, 2018 9:30am - 11:30am (Recurring)
East Baltimore, Reed Hall First Floor Conference Room

The OIS has been working to centralize some services across the Johns Hopkins Enterprise, and consolidate certain immigration processes. The first process to be centralized was the H-1B process. As the OIS@JHMI has the largest number of H-1B cases, the decision was made to move all H-1B processing to the Medical Campus. In connection with this procedural change, the OIS implemented a new electronic H-1B process in February 2014. The new process allows sponsoring Departments and H-1B applicants to submit all forms via iHopkins, the central database used by the OIS to process H-1B applications.

Benefits of the New Process:

  • Ability to manage your case load and monitor the status of H-1B cases via iHopkins.
  • Electronic Posting process removes the need for departments to post paper notices in all work sites.
  • Improved Actual Wage reporting process.
  • Ability to submit all required forms via iHopkins.
  • Monthly training will be offered for new and continuing users

Important Changes:

  • The OIS will only accept H-1B requests submitted via iHopkins.
  • All H-1B cases will be prepared and filed by the OIS@JHMI. H-1B Advising and support will continue to be available at Homewood and SAIS.

Individuals who are responsible for processing H-1B requests must participate in Mandatory Training. Individuals who have not attended a training session will not be granted access to iHopkins, and thus, not able to initiate a H-1B request.

All training sessions will be held on the JHMI campus in the first floor conference room of Reed Hall. To register for a training session, e-mail the following information to :

Last Name
First Date
E-mail Address

Considerable time and effort was dedicated to revising this process and developing a comprehensive and extensive training program for Departmental Users. Following in person training, OIS staff will be available in person, and via Adobe Connect to help departmental users through the implementation. Individuals who prepare H-1B forms for H-1B sponsorship MUST attend a training session before they will be permitted to begin using iHopkins.

OIS@JHMI 667-208-7012
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