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About the Ambassador Program

Mission Statement:

The program’s goal is to foster relationships to our existing JHU international student community with the Office of International Services by actively engaging students with programming and discussing their needs throughout their studies at Johns Hopkins. This also includes supporting new incoming international students to the Johns Hopkins community.

Who We Are:

The program currently has over 40 participating international students highlighting 16 nationalities. The program covers both undergraduate and graduate communities in which the Ambassadors are active to represent.

Meet the Ambassadors

What Is the OIS Ambassadors Program:

The OIS Ambassadors program is a student leadership opportunity through which current international students on all JHU campuses can assist, engage and educate our international student population at JHU. Ambassadors assist students with the OIS pre-arrival process, international orientation, social programming, and discussions throughout the academic year.

The three purposes of the OIS Ambassador program are to:

  • Welcome new incoming students to all campuses by answering questions before arrival and being active at International Orientation and OIS programming.
  • Help international students become aware of the services of OIS and that of the JHU campus community through communication and engagement efforts throughout the academic year.
  • Assist in discussions and OIS outreach to international students on all Johns Hopkins campuses/locations.

The Campus/Location Committees

The Ambassadors program have six committees spanning the JHU locations in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Each committee is dynamic and diverse as each committee plays a vital role of engaging students on and off JHU campuses. The committee will find ways of incorporating a “one university” model as OIS strives to serve students cross campuses.

OIS Ambassadors Leadership
Each committee is led by two student leaders, a President and Vice President, who are in charge of coordinating efforts with OIS and that of the ambassadors in their committee.  The leadership from all committees meet once a month to discuss programming and ambassadors initiatives throughout the academic year.


OIS Ambassadors assist in the following areas

OIS International Bridge Program                         OIS Monthly International Community Highlight

OIS Ambassadors Regional Highlight Series       OIS Fall, Spring, & Summer Newsletter