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Departmental and Divisional Administrators Sections

The information found in this section is intended for individuals responsible for facilitating requests for non-immigrant sponsorship for students, faculty and staff. Administrators should first carefully review the Visa Information Page. The page was designed to assist departments in (1) understanding the intricacies of a myriad of immigration statuses, and (2) assist in determining what sponsorship best suits the proposed activities of new students, faculty and staff who require sponsorship.

The OIS is your partner in this process, and will help guide and inform the process. After reviewing the Visa Information Page, Administrators will find detailed information about the most common visa classifications that are sponsored by the OIS.


Plan Ahead and Remember OIS Processing Times

Individuals whose immigration status, employment authorization, or employment authorization documents expire should file the necessary application or petition sufficiently in advance to ensure that they maintain a continuous immigration status, employment authorization or valid employment authorization documents.

Departments and Divisions should monitor the expiration dates of their employees using the Work Authorization/Visa Expiration Dates Report. This BW report displays the work authorization date and visa type for all employees or fellowship recipients whose residence status is 'nonresident alien'.

A guide to accessing and running the report is available in JBOX.