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About the Ambassador Program

Mission Statement:

The program’s goal is to foster relationships to our existing JHU international student community with the Office of International Services by actively engaging students with programming and discussing their needs throughout their studies at Johns Hopkins. This also includes supporting new incoming international students to the Johns Hopkins community.

Who We Are:

The program currently has over 40 participating international students highlighting 16 nationalities. The program covers both undergraduate and graduate communities in which the Ambassadors are active to represent.

Meet the Ambassadors

What We Do:

The OIS Ambassadors program creates a platform in which international students on respective campuses can discuss similar topics relating to the international life at JHU and OIS connects them with opportunities based off their background as a JHU international student that they can then share with their peers.

The three purposes of an OIS Ambassador are to:

  • Allow the current international student community assist new incoming students on their respective campuses by answering questions before their arrival and being active at International Orientation.
  • Help international students identify the services of OIS and that of JHU campus community who serve the active international student community at JHU.
  • Assist in community efforts for international students on all Johns Hopkins campuses/locations.

The Subcommittees

Communication Subcommittee: The communication subcommittee is focused on promoting the external communications of the Ambassador program, highlighting the international student community, and OIS immigration updates.

Cultural Subcommittee: The cultural subcommittee helps identify and promote cultural events that exist on our respective campuses. These ambassadors also help coordinate with OIS programming for International students and assist in connecting our JHU International Student Community as one community.


Outreach Subcommittee: The outreach subcommittee works on identifying resources that can help serve the JHU international community on our given campuses through our OIS International Bridge Program. The subcommittee also assists in our outreach to connect international students to our communities where JHU is present.


OIS Ambassadors assist in the following areas

OIS International Bridge Program                         OIS Monthly International Community Highlight

OIS Ambassadors Regional Highlight Series         OIS Fall, Spring, & Summer Newsletter

OIS Events & Outreach