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About the Ambassador Program

Mission Statement:

The program’s goal is to foster relationships to our existing JHU international student community with the Office of International Services by actively engaging students with programming and discussing their needs throughout their studies at Johns Hopkins. This also includes supporting new incoming international students to the Johns Hopkins community.

What is the Ambassadors program?

The program currently has over 50 participating students highlighting 18 nationalities. The program covers both undergraduate and graduate communities in which the Ambassadors are active to represent.

What do you do as an Ambassador?

The Program is split into 6 committees that cover the dynamic communities each campus represents. The Ambassadors assist OIS in focusing on the needs and developments of our International students. Each committee is broken down into three subcommittees: Communications, Cultural, and Outreach. These subcommittees are focused on promoting our diverse student community at Johns Hopkins.

Want to get involved?

The Ambassador’s program will have an open application process starting March 6 until March 31, 2017 for the upcoming academic year 2017-2018.  If interested in applying to become an ambassador, please complete and submit the Ambassador Program Application.